Saturday, May 5, 2007

Waitress Podcast Notes

I get into random arguments with people all the time, and definitely took pause after hearing about what tragically happened to actress/writer/director Adrienne Shelly when she confronted a worker in her building regarding the noise he was making.

Read more about the incident by clicking here

Shelly's film, Waitress, was accepted to Sundance shortly after her murder and was very well received at the 2007 film fest, just as film critics have been positively reacting to it as it hits theaters now. I was really glad that Fox Searchlight put forth such a strong press presence for the film even though Shelly, a principal creator as the writer/director/co-star, obviously couldn't do any press.

Producer Michael Roiff and co-star Cheryl Hines participated in the Q&A at our packed screening on the Fox Studio lot and gave an informative and entertaining Q&A that also served as an oral history that gave us a glimpse into Shelly's creative process.

Co-star Cheryl Hines, JG and producer Michael Roiff pictured below

On a positive note, after this tragedy, Shelly's family and friends have now started the Adrienne Shelly Foundation which will dish out a series of grants each year to emerging filmmakers, with a focus on female filmmakers. It looks like there's a few opportunities for the fellas there too.

Find out more about the Adrienne Shelly Foundation by clicking here

I hope you enjoy the Q&A and the film! -JG