Friday, June 1, 2007

The Greatest Film Ever Made!

Oh the glory of film journalism! Lo-and-behold I opened my door today and was pleasantly surprised to see a package from Lobel's of New York. (

I wondered if this could be a gift from an enthused podcast listener or fan of the magazine and opened the cardboard box to find a foam box inside and after opening the foam box found a plastic sealed steak surrounded by ice packages!

Here's what my mysterious steak looked like

As I picked up the steak, I noticed it was a choice large cut, real red and bloody.

The packing slip said it was a Hanger Steak.

I then saw a sealed plastic package inside the foam box - finally - I thought, this must contain info on who sent such a cool thing to me. Right as I opened the plastic package I decided to try and guess...

It's a big looking hunk of meat, seems like a studio promotion of sorts (WB's Nancy Drew sent lemon wedges, which were tasty) and then I decided that it would be completely cool and cruel if this was a promotional item for Hostel 2.

And sure enough it was!

Also included was some Hostel 2 swag, featuring more meaty pictures and leading me to believe cannibalism might be a part of this flick.

Yes, that is a meaty bandanna

For years studio publicity departments have sent journalists little bits of swag, mainly with the hopes of keeping their various films on the radars of journalists and editors completely overtaken by a very crowded film marketplace. It's a smart move since it's appreciated by the underpaid journalists and since the items are rarely anything of great worth, so, it can barely be considered payola.

Yet, I must insist sending someone a steak is different.

Lions Gate Films has yet to screen Hostel 2 for journalists, however, they did take the time to send us steaks. Thus, what we have to judge their film most accurately on is in fact the aforementioned steak.

Now, please keep in mind; I'm a man of integrity who refuses to be bought and I will never sell out! But, based on the evidence at hand, I must contend that Hostel 2 is possibly the greatest film ever made.

I say this confidently without having seen the film, but insist again, Hostel 2 is the greatest film ever made. Prove me wrong! I dare you! I mean scroll up - Hostel 2 is clearly awesome and there's about 16-18 ounces to back up my assessment just in case you're doubting the clarity of my judgment.

While it doesn't look like Hostel 2 will be in the screening series - it is looking very likely that we will be able to do a one-on-one podcast with Hostel 2 writer-director Eli Roth - so keep an eye out for it in Itunes!

PS: Anyone know what summer film might have a garlic mashed potato tie in?

Read more about what a Hanger Steak is by clicking here