Monday, December 24, 2007

Simpsons Writers Speak Out!

Another great video from this time with the writers of The Simpsons. This video was posted early into the strike but as it's continued - I figure it's a good thing to continue showing what the strike is all about. --JG

Ask A Ninja about the WGA Strike!

From the popular Itunes Podcast, "Ask A Ninja," he does his best to well...advise folks the way only a podcasting ninja can advise... However, it would seem that the Ninja himself might be in need of a few good writers to come up with some wittier material...-JG

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lars & The Real Girl LA Times Piece

As an entertainment journalist, this time of year is always especially busy due to the awards season. Below you'll find a link to an article I wrote for the LA Times that appeared in print in The Envelope special insert section. They've now posted it online too - here's a link.

Read Jeff Goldsmith's LA Times "The Envelope" Q&A article with screenwriter Nancy Oliver by clicking here

Nancy Oliver

Of course if you want to hear more from screenwriter Nancy Oliver, don't forget to tune into the podcast as I was pleased to do a Q&A with her in the screening series too! -JG