Saturday, March 21, 2009

Really Cool Looking Video

A friend of mine sent me this video by Keith Loutit.

I gotta say it's a really cool video that uses a smart blend of stop-motion photography and tilt-shift lens trickery in a perfect combination with the intent of taking an ordinary place and giving it a heightened reality feel.

Enjoy -JG

Bathtub IV from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What if Watchmen was a cheezy Cartoon?

Here's a hilarious fan parody that shows just how cheezy Watchmen would look if cleaned-up to become kid friendly...

Of course the whole conceit behind Watchmen is adult in nature, so I'm quite glad this never happened, but alas, here's the clip for your viewing pleasure! -JG

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hitler Dismayed by new Watchmen Ending!!!

This clip has been used for other purposes a few times before - but it still cracks me up whenever someone finds a new use for it.

The subtitles work quite well with the content and man - somebody just needs to tell 'ole Adolph to get over the fact the original squid ending is gone (there were solid reasons) and that he should go see the film and decide for himself...

If you want to know more about why the squid ending was left by the wayside - keep an eye out for the Watchmen cover story I wrote for the March/April 2009 issue of Creative Screenwriting Magazine.

Please note - they do spoil what the new ending is in this clip - so - if you're trying to avoid that information - only watch this after you've enjoyed the film!

Enjoy! - JG

Watchmen - The Keene Act PSA

Here's another great viral video, this time a 1970s styled Public Service Announcement about the Keene Act, the legislation that forced superheroes to retire as they were deemed dangerous vigilantes.

Again - this clip is nowhere to be found in the film and although it's filled with too much exposition to be chopped straight in - it's really well done and I could see how some of this could end up in a longer director's cut... Enjoy! - JG

The Full Dr. Manhattan Newscast

I really like this clip. Oddly very little of it is in Watchmen. Actually - most of the footage of Dr. Manhattan (B&W here - which looks cool) is shown in pieces during the film - but this news show isn't in the film and it's kind of cool.

Of course there's way too much exposition for it to be in the film and it's really only intended as a viral video - but it's definitely got some style - so enjoy...-JG

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Alan Moore Discusses Watchmen

Keep an eye out on newsstands for the Watchmen cover story I wrote for Creative Screenwriting Magazine featuring an interview with screenwriters David Hayter and Alex Tse - but how about a few words from the master himself, Watchmen writer Alan Moore! - JG