Friday, April 27, 2007

John Wells and Bradley Whitford Podcast Notes

It was a short and sweet podcast and one of these days I might be able to post more of the full Writer's Guild Foundation event which had Bradley Whitford interviewing John Wells. Whitford did a great job as moderator. I barely scratch the surface with Wells in this brief episode, but decided to make sure to ask him a question I know a lot of our podcast listeners would want to hear more about - submitting TV specs and what Wells looks for in material submitted when considering new writers.

John Wells has made a great contribution to the craft of TV writing and I hope to be able to interview him again another time and also bring more to light about his latest "writer's collective" project that involves other produced writers banded together to make writer-centric studio films on smaller budgets.

Here's some more photos from this event. Of course remember to turn on your "Show Album Artwork" setting in Itunes and you'll always see a pic of myself and the guest - so - a JG & John Wells pic has already been embedded into the podcast.

John Wells interviewed by Bradley Whitford

JG interviewing Bradley Whitford for the podcast