Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm the first person to ever sign up on Facebook and Twitter!

Hooray - I'm such an early adopter of new tek... or maybe not.

Nonetheless - I'm now on Twitter and Facebook and will do my darndest to post as often as makes sense without utterly boring you.

TWITTER: yogoldsmith

--- yeah my name was taken ages ago

FACEBOOK: Jeff Goldsmith

Here I set up an actual page so you can become a fan and follow what I'm doing.

I prefer fans rather than friend requests since I'm keeping the other profile I created reserved for family and folks I actually know in the real physical world - and hey - you don't want to see my mom's updates anyhow - so - no offense - please choose the fan option if you're interested!

And of course I'm always still up to answer an email - so - you can always hit me that way as well!