Friday, October 31, 2008

A New Hope On Election Day?

So - I've grown quite tired of arguing with old friends and acquaintances about politics - especially when so many of them are misinformed.

I really wish people would learn to use sites like to learn actual facts and cut through the spin - but of course - it would seem that folks are much happier believing half-truths than the actual truth.

As for the above picture - for anyone reading this outside the United States - it is a clear parody which mixes Obama's "Hope" Campaign poster with Luke Skywalker and the title of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

I find it hilarious but can't decide if the image is from Episode IV or not... I mean - Luke wears dark clothes in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi - so - I kinda wished he was in the white robe from Episode IV - but whatever - you get it.

My friend Claude who is as sick as I am of the politicized-spin encountered in all media this year replied with the following hilarious comment when considering Luke Skywalker as a 2008 presidential candidate:

"Luke Skywalker is an inexperienced elitist Jedi Knight who wants to convert the entire galaxy to the Force, which will raise taxes on middle-class planets and destroy their proud way of life. And he looks French."

Claude's hilarious - and maybe should work in a Republican think-tank but I guess were someone to further politicize the image - they'd have to add this as well:

"This Jedi sympathizer is also a rebel terrorist who has repeatedly fought and plotted against the Empire and commonly associates with other terrorists and enemies of the Empire."

I guess it'd be funnier if it wasn't so sad to see how misleading the Republican party has been ranging from a Plumber they call "average" even though he seemingly out-earns the working class that the Republicans claim to be protecting...

...To the folksy VP candidate who is so down to Earth that she wears the most expensive outfits one can find with the purpose of donating them to charity - a tradition that I guess comes from having the power to "read everything," as she told a reporter when asked what publications she reads.

Wow - I wonder if she's read any of my stuff in Empire, Total Film, Variety, The Los Angeles Times or even Creative Screenwriting?

Alas - here's hoping for an Obama win - and a bunch of votes toward seriously restructuring the Congress as well.

Then maybe laws can be enacted the way they were supposed to have been - which isn't exactly from the throne of the oval office with special "war time powers."

Who knows? With enough votes, maybe the Empire may finally come to the end?

Heck - I'd dance with Ewoks if that happened - and well - I freaking hate Ewoks - 'nuff said. -JG