Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Great Week to be a Geek!

So um,

I've seen Iron Man and it's an excellent comic-book adaptation.

Surprisingly a bit more violent for a PG-13 film than I'd expected, it'll be interesting to see if parents complain. Of course, middle-eastern terrorists are being killed -- so I'm guessing there'll be few complaints.

What's so great about Iron Man is how well its character-driven focus translates to the screen. Rather than getting caught up in a multitude of villians (here only two work together for just the right amount of time) and their villian back-stories, we focus on a transformational arc for Tony Stark as he realizes that he could probably do more good for the world.

A day after seeing Iron Man I got my special edition Grand Theft Auto IV which includes a soundtrack, book of art, Rockstar Games bag and most importantly my authentic GTA IV lockbox! I can only wonder what crazy things I'll figure out to lock up in there...

I'm digging the game which will itself break records this week financially, but will also serve as a wake-up call to the marketplace that this M-Rated (Mature) game has a large audience of adults with money to spend on non-traditional and at times even risque (but not pornographic, at least not what I've seen) adult entertainment.

Most importantly the game provides an immersive character experience where you can go on missions that play into the game's structure or of course you can utilize other GTA "Sandbox" games throughout the huge city and have fun on your own with a gamut of entertaining activities.

Iron Man and GTA IV in one week - gotta say - it's been a heck of an entertaining week...--JG

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