Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wain Attacks Web! (like months ago)

Um, there was a David Wain Surge on the web last summer and I believe this utterly silly and great show, Wainy Days, was even mentioned briefly in The Ten podcast we did - but I somehow forgot to ever watch the damn thing until today.

Wow - am I slow or what? (answer is yes)

But the good news about jumping in to an ongoing comedic serial webshow is that you don't have to wait for new episodes to be posted since there's already two seasons up there that you can blaze through.

Wainy Days is as plot-driven as Lost and as dramatically intense as an episode of ER where a small child dies so - you really gotta watch every episode - in order, all the way through.

I asked writer-director Wain about his writing process for these webisodes via email today and he was cool enough to respond before heading in for surgery.

When asked about how much improv vs. scripted material there is in each episode Wain replied:

"It's 95% scripted but improv is allowed!"

The rest of his answer was garbled as I think the anesthetic had kicked in. - JG