Tuesday, February 19, 2008

whew - the strike is over

I know it's a week late on my blog to say this - but - last week was a long week. So - just wanted to say congrats to all the hardworking men and women of the WGA who toughed out this strike. While many were confused about the strike being related to DVD pricing - really it was about setting some foundation of authorship in the new media age - which is quite important. I think the WGA had great leadership and unity and found it very interesting that the AMPTP moved forward in the strike without much of a face.

By face I mean - no real point of view. Sure they had a lead negotiator - but even after hiring a PR Agency they simply were never able to explain why they refused to deal fairly with writers. Interestingly the strike came to a close via back-channel dealings as the AMPTP's lead negotiator and membership were not in agreement as to what they wanted or would negotiate about thus - off-line chats ultimately settled it without the power-brokers help. Granted they were negotiating on the power-brokers behalf, but, it was just interesting how there seemed to be very little focus and definitely not much fiduciary sense to the AMPTP's refusal to come back to the negotiating table for so long.

Nonetheless - glad it's over and congrats again to the WGA for enduring a tough strike and having it conclude with some well deserved gains. -- JG