Saturday, September 8, 2007

9 Podcasts Posted And I'm Freaking Exhausted...

I know I've been really, really bad about posting lately - but the screening series, magazine, podcast and upcoming expo have just kinda done me in.

I mean - it's nutty as is that I haven't had time to post my comic-con travelogue. Oh well - I will get back to it as there's still a bunch of interesting stuff to show and tell...

The madness of it all is that I have multiple podcasts that still need to be posted sitting on my hard-drive. So expect more podcasts to keep coming your way.

This week's podcast included 9 really cool items: The Hunting Party Q&A, 3:10 To Yuma Q&A, Shoot 'Em Up Q&A and 6 Shoot 'Em Up animatics that writer-director Michael Davis cleared for me to use. (Watch Davis' animatic introduction below) And remember to click that Subscribe button in Itunes so podcasts are downloaded for you automatically (it's free).

These animatics are really interesting as they're what Davis used to convince New Line to not only buy his script - but - also hire him as a director.

I'm really happy with these Q&As and hope ya dig 'em.

In the works for next week I should be sitting down one on one with director James Mangold to get him into the podcast discussing 3:10 to Yuma. He was out of town when we did our screening - so luckily he's a cool enough chap that we're coordinating this post-release interview.

He's a smart guy with lotso interesting things to say and while I plan to cover much of the same territory with him - just for sake of synchronicity on the questions - the intriguing part will be the fact that he'll have more directorial-based answers to add a whole new perspective.

Until then - JeF